Dress Making

I love to sew, as I know many other people do! I always have fun going through the pattern books seeking the exact look I have in mind or finding details I can incorporate with my favorite pattern to give it a new twist.  And there are so many beautiful fabrics, it’s easy to pick one suitable for anything you select.

If you are a beginner, don’t aim for the stars with your first project.  Look at craft patterns and make a pillow to accent your living room or bedroom.  Find a simple dress pattern without any fussy details or make a pair of shorts or a t-shirt top.  Completing any of these successfully will make you want to be more adventurous next time.

If you’re an experienced sewist, make your next project one that broadens your horizons.  Pick a pattern that uses one or more techniques you’ve never tried.  Insert lace in the bodice or put a welt pocket in a jacket.   Put a lining in a skirt,  Make a pair of jeans.  Or make your daughter’s wedding dress.  There’s a whole world of wonderful things you can do with a sewing machine!




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